Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I don't want to make a hat for my big brother, but

Hi I'm Melissa, and I am a regular here at Hooks and Needles. I first came into the shop in May '07 with my Girl Scout Troop. I hardly knew how to knit or purl and Kaylee taught my troop how to make a washcloth. Since then, I have made a varaity of projects, including: 2 pairs of socks, a hedgehog, a ton of hats, and many other things.

Getting back to my brother, he is a soldier in the Army, and at Christmas he asked for a bright red hat with a big pom pom on top. I used the Stitch n' Bitch Nation Basic Cable Hat pattern with Cascade 220 and he loved it. Now, he wants me to make him two more.

So I've got to get to knitting, more later!


Deb said...

Don't forget the Moebius you knitted for your mom in what, a week or less, and your water bottle holder and ... You amaze me Melissa. One of these days you are gonna go against the Yarn Harlot in terms of productivity!

Jane Doe Jenn said...

Way to go! You're on your way to becoming an expert! I'm just a beginner myself; I've been crocheting and have just decided to take up knitting becuase it looks so beautiful! Are you going to post of picture of that red hat you made?