Friday, December 14, 2007

Janurary's Calendar

Janurary's calendar is ready but could possibly be subject to change. Just keep checkin it. ;)

Jan. 1~Closed! Happy New Year!
Jan. 2~Kids Klub Beginners 3:30-4:30
Advanced Kids 5:00
Girls Night Out 7-9
Jan. 4~Felt-o-rama *$5 a tub
Jan. 5~Fix-It 2:00 * Homework: Knit swatch 30 sts X 20 rows
Jan. 6 & 7~ Closed
Jan. 8~Irish Hiking Scarf 5:00-6:00
Jan. 9~Kids Klub Beginners 3:30-4:30
Advanced Kids 5:00
Girls Night Out 7-9
Jan. 10~Toe Up Socks Class #1 5:00-6:00
Jan. 11~Teddy Bear 4:00-6:00
Jan. 12~Basic Crochet 10A-12P
Reversible Cables 1:00-4:00
Jan. 13 & 14~ Closed
Jan. 15~ Valentine Scarf 4:00-6:00
Jan. 16~ Kids Klub Beginners 3:30-4:30
Advanced Kids 5:00
Girls Night Out 7-9
Jan. 17~ Baby Cardigan Class 1 5:00-6:00
Jan. 18~Socks on 2 Circular Needles 4:00-6:00
Jan. 19~Basic Crochet 10:00-12:00
Reversible Coats 1:00-4:00
Jan. 20 & 21~ Closed
Jan. 22~ Wrist Warmers 5:00-6:00
Jan. 23~ Kids Klub Beginners 3:30-4:30
Advanced Kids 5:00
Girls Night Out 7-9
Jan. 24~ Toe Up Socks Class #2 5:00-6:00
Jan. 25~ Mini Bird Houses 4:00-6:00
Jan. 26~ Knitting with Beads 3:00-5:00
Jan. 27 & 28~ Closed
Jan. 30~ Kids Klub Beginners 3:30-4:30
Advanced Kids 5:00
Girls Night Out 7-9
Jan. 31~ Baby Cardigan Class 2 5:00-6:00

All Classes are $10 an hour plus materials.

Please call to make sure the calendar has not been changed before you come.

Don't forget to check out the rest of December's classes below, and check out our wonderful teacher Linda Casey's upcoming classes!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Linda Casey's Classes

Linda Casey is quite a fixture in our shop. She's taught many classes and she's been coming to GNO (Girls Night Out) forever. She's teaching a couple classes in the next few months in our store.
*Some classes are going to be on the same days as others*

Basic Crochet Class from 10a- 12p
1-12-2008, 1-19-2008, 2-2-2008, 2-9-2008

Reversible Cables from 1p- 4p

Reversible Coat from 1p-3p

Crochet Vest from 1p-4p
2-2-2008, 2-9-2008

Crochet Socks from 10a-12p
3-1-2008, 3-8-2008

Knit Socks from 1p-4p
3-1-2008, 3-8-2008

Don't forget all classes are $10/hour plus materials

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December's Calendar

Come join us for our wonderful classes. There's on almost everyday. Also don't forget about our Girls Night Out on Wednesdays from 7-9. Check out all of our classes

Remember: All classes are $10 per hour plus materials

Date, Class, and Time

Dec. 1 Linda Casey Crochet Hat 11-1
Dec. 2-3 Closed
Dec. 4 Mini Sweater 4-6
Dec. 5 Kids Klub Beginners 3:30-4:30
Advanced Kids 5:00
Girls Night Out 7-9
Dec 6 Beginners Washcloth 5-6
Dec. 7 Hedge Hog 4-6
Dec. 8 Felt-o-rama *$5 a tub
Dec. 9-10 Closed
Dec. 11 Rolled Brim Hat 5-6
Dec. 12 Kids Klub Beginners 3:30-4:30
Advanced Kids 5:00
Girls Night Out 7-9
Dec. 13 Drop Stictch Scarf 4-5
Dec. 14 Mini Bird Houses 4-6
Dec. 15 Socks on 2 Circular 2-4
Dec. 16-17 Closed
Dec. 18 Fiber Trends Mini Oranments 4-6
Dec. 19 Kids Klub Beginners 3:30-4:30
Advanced Kids 5:00
Girls Night Out 7-9
Dec. 20 Broken Rib Scarf 5-6
Dec. 21 Mini Sweater 4-6
Dec. 22 Felt-o-rama *$5 a tub
Dec. 23 Closed
Dec. 24-25 Closed :)Merry Christmas!!!:)
Dec. 26 Closed
Dec. 28 Fix it 4 pm *Homework: Knit Swatch 30sts x 20rows
Dec. 29 Kool-Aid Yarn Dying 2 pm *$10 + Materials
Dec. 30-31 Closed

Don't forget to check out Janurary's calendar.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to Kaylee!

Kaylee's birthday was today! She had a gaggle of kids in the shop this afternoon for the Kids Klub. Look two cakes!

Later on tonight for the Girls Night out we had MORE cake and more partying. Note: The champagne on the table. OH YEAH! The little blondie on the right is Kaylee's son Brad.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ellie's Scarf

One of our people we knit with on our Girls Night Out left to San Diego for a new job so we made her a scarf and I think she liked it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I've been here all along, honest!

I've been so thrilled with the lace mystery knitalongs and the anticipation of the new clues each week that I have been knittin' and cussin' and not blogging. That is about to change, at least the not blogging part. As you may have read on ravelry or on Deb's blog, we are having a contest for the Secret of the Stole KAL. For every 25 rows completed on the stole, the participants get a raffle ticket. On December 5, we will draw for a $50 gift certificate for the shop! You don't even have to be finished the stole in order to get in the drawing, you get tickets for as much progress as you have made. I am knitting too and am currently at the end of row 117(again). Here's the picture to prove it.

Secret of the Stole

Here's another shot, showing a closeup of the motif with the beads. What do you think it is? It kinda looks like a crab to me and since DK is the Nautical Knitter ....

Secret of the Stole

We have more fun stuff planned for the shop and will let you know more as things develop. In the meantime, please drop by on Wednesday Nights for Girls Night Out. We have more fun than probably should be allowed and sometimes we even manage to knit a row or two.

Monday, August 13, 2007

We're back!!!!

Hello Knitters and Crocheters!!! We are back from our week off. We missed you all and hope to see you soon. Hooks & Needles has been moved around a bit, including a new 'class sign up wall'. See you all very soon!!! :)


Friday, June 15, 2007

Hi I'm Rachel, I work at Hooks & Needles yarn shop on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I 'm 17 and started knitting two years ago when Kaylee had her knitting group at my parents Ice Cream shop in Knights Ferry. I love to knit and am learning new stitches; so I can help you fix mistakes and what not. Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hi !! I'm Anita

I work at Hooks & Needles Yarn Shop!!!! We have a great shop, with loads of yarn. AND, we have girls night out. So come and have fun with us on Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm. Sometimes we get serenaded by a rock and roll band. We have a blast.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now Aboard the World Wide Web

What's better than a blog to hold my place on the internet until we get the website going?