Friday, March 21, 2008

More Superwash for the Great American Afghan

Look at this pile of YARN!!! I am so excited, I got a bunch of onesies and twosies in a bunch of different colors. The Great American Afghan squares are going along great and now we have lots more colors to plan your project.

Gobs of Superwash

Look at all the greens and blues. There are browns, rusts and even some new greys.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I've finished some projects! Finally

Well I've had a busy knitting weekend, and boy am I proud. I wove in the ends of a double knit pot holder (big deal) and got 2 Fair Isle hats finished, one was from Julies class last week and the other is a smaller version of our felt Easter Basket. The class is 3/11 and 3/18. I even knit a black and blue Hedge Hog for my son Brad. He saw the pink one Melissa just finished and had to have a boy version ASAP. I'm going to try to catch up on my February, Great American Afghan block, (#1 Socks) I think I'm the only one in the shop that hasn't finished yet. Then I've got to get #2 started, I'm not setting a very good example :) Hope to see you soon, Kaylee

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Defeat the Winter Doldrums Dishcloth Swap Package!

I was so excited when I walked into the yarn shop on Tuesday to find the swap package for Anita and I!!!

Criquette spoiled us SO much!!!

Here are some of the goodies she included in our package:

O my Gosh!!! Look at all of these packages!!!!!! All of the pink ones were for me and the purple ones for Anita. It was just like Christmas, even my little brother Matthew wanted to help unwrap the packages!

Here are our washcloths, mine is on the left and Anita's is on the right.

Here are Anita and I with all of our goodies, we got note pads for the fridge, crystal light drink packets, 2 balls each of Sugar and Cream cotton for clothes for us to make, Anita got sugar free candy and I got Hershey's - a hometown favorite. We also got travel size hand lotion and body wash. We really had a great partner.

Thanks again Criquette!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fair Isle Fun

Just wanted to let you know how much fun we are having in Julie's classes. Last Tuesday, we started the Fair Isle hat. We had quite a crowd. I can't remember how many started on Tuesday for sure but I do know there was Irene, Lynn, Suzy, Robin (even though Kaylee didn't have time to help her cheat on her homework LOL) Anita, Kaylee, me ... I have a feeling I may have missed a couple but I am not sure. Here are some pictures of how we were doing by Wednesday night. Here is Suzy's hat:
Suzy's Fair Isle hat
Irene's hat (after pulling it out and starting over. Gotta love that gauge stuff).
Irene's Fair Isle
Here is Anita working on her hat:
Anita working on her Fair Isle

Here too is Deb's hat. I have about one inch left to knit before decreasing as of lunchtime Friday.
Deb's Fair Isle
Lest you think that hats were all that was happening on Wednesday, here we have Linda and Judy working on jackets
Linda & Judy working on jackets
while Kaylee, Suzy, Julie,Jean and Rose have serious and not so serious conversation!
Kaylee, Suzy, Julie, Jean & Rose
Last, but definitely not least, Irene, Lynn, Loretta and Denise (great picture of her back, don't you think?)
Irene, Lynn, Loretta & Denise's back

As you can see, we have a great time both in class and at Girls Night Out. Come on down and join us!

New Calendar for March

Well, I've gone back to the tried and true way of a calendar for our monthly classes and projects. Here is what we have planned:

Every Tuesday at 11:00 we are working on the Great American Afghan, March is block #2. Block #1 was great fun, we are just 'tinking' along. Julie Thompson offers her classes from 4-6pm (see below for a list of projects) Kaylee repeats her classes on Friday mornings at 11am. The fee is $25.00 per project. You are welcome to come in anytime for help between classes.

Wednesdays are when we have our Groups. From 11-12 we have a group of Seniors that are refreshing their skills. At 3:30 the young kids come in, our beginners work (talk) from 3:30 to 4:30 and the Advanced kids knit from 4:30 to 5:30. The fee is $10.00 for 4 one hour sessions. And in the evening, from 7-9 we have Girls Night Out, bring a project and join the fun. There is no charge it's just fun to share stories and laugh.

Thursdays Kaylee is offering a Technique of the Week. The fee is $10.00 for 30 minutes of instruction. These lessons are on a drop-in basis, so no appointment is necessary. Some lessons have homework, homework should be done with worsted weight yarn on size #8 needles, so please check below for more information.

3/1 & 3/8 Linda Casey will teach Crochet Socks from 10-12 and Knit Socks from 1-4. She requires a minimum of 4 students to hold her class, so please sign up 1 week in advance. $25.00 per project, plus pattern and materials.

3/4 4:00-6:00 Julie Thompson will do class #2 of the Fair Isle hat. We had a great time last week and it will be fun to see how everyone is doing.

3/6 Picking Up Dropped Stitches - Homework 20x20 swatch and crochet hook.

3/11 & 18 Fair Isle Felt Easter Basket.

3/13 Kitchner Stitch - 2 swatches, different colors, 20 sts X 10 rows, darning needle

3/15 Knit Pattern Reading 2-4 $15.00 What do those letters mean??

3/20 Basic Cables - Cast on 28 sts, knit 5 rows, cable needle

3/22 - 24 Closed for Easter

3/25 & 4/1 Entrelac Head Band

3/27 Toe Up Cast On - 2 #6 circular needles and Worsted yarn

3/29 2-4 Mini Bird Houses - Fiber Trends pattern $25.00 project fee, plus materials

Thank you again for your interest in our shop. It is a great pleasure to work with our current friends and if we haven't met yet, come on in! TTFN (Ta Ta For Now - Tigger says that)