Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fair Isle Fun

Just wanted to let you know how much fun we are having in Julie's classes. Last Tuesday, we started the Fair Isle hat. We had quite a crowd. I can't remember how many started on Tuesday for sure but I do know there was Irene, Lynn, Suzy, Robin (even though Kaylee didn't have time to help her cheat on her homework LOL) Anita, Kaylee, me ... I have a feeling I may have missed a couple but I am not sure. Here are some pictures of how we were doing by Wednesday night. Here is Suzy's hat:
Suzy's Fair Isle hat
Irene's hat (after pulling it out and starting over. Gotta love that gauge stuff).
Irene's Fair Isle
Here is Anita working on her hat:
Anita working on her Fair Isle

Here too is Deb's hat. I have about one inch left to knit before decreasing as of lunchtime Friday.
Deb's Fair Isle
Lest you think that hats were all that was happening on Wednesday, here we have Linda and Judy working on jackets
Linda & Judy working on jackets
while Kaylee, Suzy, Julie,Jean and Rose have serious and not so serious conversation!
Kaylee, Suzy, Julie, Jean & Rose
Last, but definitely not least, Irene, Lynn, Loretta and Denise (great picture of her back, don't you think?)
Irene, Lynn, Loretta & Denise's back

As you can see, we have a great time both in class and at Girls Night Out. Come on down and join us!

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Love the Pic's Deb!