Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kristy's Quest

I am so honored to be a friend of Kristy's and be her LYS TOO!!! This quest of hers is so great, last night at Girls Night Out 'GNO' we took pictures of 20 hats, a couple still on the needles, that she has knit or collected so far. I'm sure she will meet her goal before she expects! The enthusiasm and support is really contagious.

As her 'Official' (I love that word) Yarn Store for her Quest, I am delighted to offer free shipping of yarn and needles for her hats. I am easily persuaded too, so if you need anything else to add to your stash or tool supply, I will pay the shipping for that as well! If you are local, I am offering a 10% discount. I'm not too familiar with shipping internationally, so that may be different. But what better time than now to get my feet wet!!

Please call or email me with any questions about in-stock colors, etc. I also can't wait for the contest rules. I love to win prizes, so giving one or two or more is going to be great fun!!!

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